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Royal Caribbean presents the 5 goals of its bold new cruise ship

Royal Caribbean hasn’t shared much about its next new cruise ship, but it has set clear goals for what it hopes will be a groundbreaking new ship.

Icon of the Seas is set to debut in fall 2023, and Royal Caribbean has released a new video that explains how the company came up with ideas for what this ship should be.

When Royal Caribbean started designing the ship, they called it a “white paper ship,” meaning they wanted to start with a blank slate.

“The reason we call it that is because we start with a blank piece of drawing paper, so it really starts again,” said Anna Drescher, lead of the ship’s architectural design team.

The team posed all sorts of ideas, especially considering what their guests wanted.

Yael Steinhart, Director of Product Innovation, explained how the team looked through the lens of what customers want and incorporated it into a new ship: “We really looked at how we can bring the best of all experiences and all types of vacations in one place.”

“So think city breaks, beach retreats, all-inclusive resorts and amusement parks. You have to dream as big as you can.”

The end result are the five pillars of what Icon of the Seas will encapsulate.

1. Unparalleled aquatic experiences

Jay Rosser, Senior Product Owner in Product Development, spoke of the need to integrate unparalleled aquatic experiences: “Icon is really about bringing our customers back to what’s around them when they’re on a cruise, that’s say the ocean.”

“In all the ways guests interact with the ship, there is always connectivity with the water.”

One of the drawbacks that the Oasis class ships have had since their inception is that it is difficult to see the ocean and the outdoors inside the ship. Compared to other Royal Caribbean ships that came before it, there was less visibility to the outside world.

2. Thrills of adrenaline

If you’ve been on any Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the past 20 years, you know how much thrill there is on board.

Surf simulators, bumper cars, zip lines and skydiving simulators are just a few of the activities Royal Caribbean is known for, and the cruise line wants to continue this trend with Icon of the Seas.

Emily Rodriguez, Product Owner in Product Development, spoke about the importance of thrills on Icon: “As we’ve started to see more and more excitement for many of our exciting experiences, we have says, how can we take it to the next level? How can we give ourselves something that’s really for the bold, for the brave, for the fearless and experience something that they’ve never been able to do anywhere else.”

3. Ultimate family vacation

Simply put, Royal Caribbean wants families to consider Icon of the Seas their first choice for a family cruise, not just another option.

Claudia Diaz-Gonzalez, associate vice president of product development, thinks putting family vacations first is a top priority: “One of the things that stood out to me the most in the feedback we got of our customers is that bonding with your family, friends or the person you are traveling with always comes at the top.”

Royal Caribbean’s Senior Vice President and Director of Product Innovation, Jay Schneider, went even further, saying, “This is an entertainment ship that is second to none. It’s an adrenaline thrill. It’s incredible. holidays in the world.”

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4. Sensational Entertainment

Live entertainment has always been a staple of any Royal Caribbean cruise, and Icon of the Seas will continue with the kind of Las Vegas and Broadway glitz the cruise line has always delivered.

Ms. Steinhart hinted that not only will Icon have the kind of shows we know, but something more, “Icon of this Seas will deliver some of the best shows in the world, but we’ve also really expanded with new and diverse shows. additional variety of in-flight entertainment.”

5. Celebrating food and drink

Royal Caribbean has been steadily improving its dining offering for years, with new ships rolling out new concepts and enhancements to favorites.

Tim Klauda, ​​VP of Product Development, “Food is diverse, so you can try things you’ve never tried before or you can try things you like, maybe a little bit of You can access this food in a way we’ve never done before. So the convenience is huge.”

Perhaps this rotation is an idea Royal Caribbean first toyed with in 2019: onboard food delivery.

Watch the full video

Royal Caribbean has released Episode 1 of “Making an Icon” and you can watch it here.