Ship part

Russian enemy landing craft, two Kalibr missile carriers stationed in the Black Sea

In the Black Sea, the ship group of enemy forces now consists of two missile carriers and a large landing ship.

“The situation in the southern operational zone is difficult but controlled. The enemy continues to carry out defensive operations, setting up new lines of retreat. At night, a massive rocket attack was launched on Mykolaiv, according to the first information, with S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems equipped with modified shells of increased destructive effect.Several areas of the city were shelled.As a result, large-scale fires broke out at two industrial enterprises. service of the Operational Command “South” posted on Facebookinforming about the operational situation in southern Ukraine from 15:00.

In addition, fields were on fire in the Bashtanka district due to the night shelling of the Inhulka community. According to the first information, there are no victims. The shelling of villages along the line of contact continues in the community of Bereznehuvate. Casualty and damage data is being verified.

According to the press service, units of Russian troops massively change their deployment points in the Kherson region, trying to hide behind the civilian population. Part of the buildings where the Ruscists were based have been abandoned. They are now choosing new deployment locations in densely populated residential areas, hoping that the Ukrainian Defense Forces will not launch strikes that could threaten local residents.

Moreover, despite the fact that the stormy weather in the northwestern part of the Black Sea has subsided, two Russian missile ships and a large amphibious ship are stationed there.

Trying to create the illusion of control of Snake Island, the enemy continues periodic attacks. At night, a pair of Su-24 bombers again hit the remnants of enemy equipment on the island. There are no defeats among the Ukrainian defenders.

The “South” operational command noted that the enemy continued to put fire and psychological pressure on Ukrainian troops and residents of the southern region. The threat of rocket attacks and artillery fire along the line of contact and in deep rear areas remains highly probable.