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DUBAI: Sierra Leone striker Mohamed Buya Turay is said to have ‘missed his own wedding’ after asking his brother to take his place at the ceremony so he could join his new football club.

Turay signed with Swedish top side Malmö on July 22 and reportedly missed his wedding ceremony so he could make an immediate transfer to the club.

According to Swedish media, instead of joining his future wife Suad Baydoun on their special day, the 27-year-old asked his brother to represent him at the ceremony as his new club wanted the forward to join. his teammates. as soon as possible.

However, when he was contacted on Twitter by Turay’s channel Arab News (@turay_buya), a message said there had been a “misconception” about the whole marriage due to the headlines.

According to the message received, the footballer was in Sierra Leone and signed a contract with Malmö, so he had to go to Sweden (as a matter of urgency) to start working.

“Marriage is important, but so is her job. We did the ‘Tie Kola’ (traditional form of marriage in Sierra Leone) and a pre-wedding photoshoot because it was not going to be part of our Nikkah celebrations,” the post continued.

Nikkah is the official term used for a “marriage contract” according to Islamic Sharia.

The response further explained that Turay’s brother represented him at Nikkah’s wedding on July 31, which was arranged for family and friends.

“We are Muslims and of fullah origin, there are traditional values ​​that must be followed,” the response concluded.

Turay previously played for Chinese Super League clubs Hebei China Fortune and Henan Songshan Longmen.

News of the wedding surfaced after the forward took to social media and tweeted: “I married my sweetheart, my wife and my best friend today. What an amazing human being. And what a blessing Mrs. SBT Suad Baydoun, I look forward to enjoying life with you together.

The footballer posted three photos of him and his new bride, claiming the footage was taken before the wedding ceremony.

Turay’s tweet received over 1,300 likes.

The footballer was quoted by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet as saying: “We got married on July 21 in Sierra Leone. But I wasn’t there because Malmö asked me to come here earlier.

He explained that the wedding photographs were taken in advance.

“So it looks like I was there, but I wasn’t. My brother was to represent me at the wedding. I will try to take her to Sweden and Malmö now so that she is close to me. She will live here with me.

Turay made his debut for Malmo in a Europa League game against Dudelange on Thursday which ended in a 3-0 victory for the Swedish club.
After their win, the newlyweds tweeted: “What an amazing night, I made my UEFA Europa League qualifying debut at Eleda Stadium @Malmo_FF with a great team win.”