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Ship of dreams: Titanic Belfast celebrates milestone with photography exhibition

Celebrate ten years of Titanic Belfast, one of Northern Ireland’s top tourist attractions, by attending a free photography exhibition showcasing the hard work of its curators and the fundamentals of its foundations, open until May 31 2022.

RMS Titanic and her sister ships were built on Queen’s Island, now known as Titanic Quarter, in Belfast in 1909. Titanic Belfast opened in 2012, just in time for the centenary of the ship’s doomed maiden voyage which took place on April 10, 1912. .

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To celebrate a decade since its opening date, Titanic Belfast has launched a free-entry photography exhibition held at Andrews Gallery, a rental space in the building itself , entitled ‘The people who built the Titanic Belfast. One of three Olympic-class ocean liners operated by the White Star Line, the Titanic was the largest ship afloat during her entry into service.

Located in Belfast Harbour, close to the original slipways and the Harland and Wolff shipyard where the famous ocean liner was manufactured, Titanic Belfast functions as a museum and educational tourist attraction which has welcomed over six million visitors , in an authentic retelling of the heartbreaking story of the sinking ship and memorial of the lives lost.

(Image credit: Titanic Belfast)

(Image credit: Titanic Belfast)

Visitors to Titanic Belfast can experience a self-guided tour that spans nine interactive galleries, an underwater exploration theatre, The Shipyard Ride, an educational discovery tour, as well as accurate recreations of the ship’s cabins and a chance to see original artifacts of the iconic ocean liner that carried some of the world’s richest people.

The creation of the iconic building and its lasting impact will be showcased in a photographic journey down memory lane, dedicated to Belfast workers past and present, who helped create Titanic Belfast when it was built in 2009, as well as those who worked on the RMS Titanic itself.

“Titanic Belfast is more than a building,” says John Doherty, curator of the photography exhibition and creative director of Titanic Belfast Group. “It is a world famous tourist attraction that was built by the people of Belfast and Northern Ireland.”

(Image credit: Titanic Belfast)

He continues: “We have spent the past few months scouring the archives to put together this unique photographic exhibition, which not only celebrates a decade of Titanic Belfast, but also the many hands that built it. Visitors will have the chance to see never seen before photographs featuring the faces of ‘The People Who Built Titanic Belfast’ and helped give us the legacy of this iconic building that will be celebrated forever.

Open daily from now, the photography exhibition features 123 photographs, depicting the human element behind Titanic Belfast, with images showcasing those who created it – including architect Eric Kuhne, who can be pictured sketching and drawing ideas for the design of the building in his office for the builders who laid the foundations and built it from scratch.

As part of the milestone celebrations, Titanic Belfast will host a Birthday party from March 31 to April 03, 2022. The exciting itinerary of activities will include live music, hot air balloon and kite shows, face painting, giveaways and a candlelight display on the holds of the Titanic.

(Image credit: Titanic Belfast)

“To mark Titanic Belfast’s tenth anniversary, we invite people to join in the celebrations with a Titanic Birthday Party,” said Kerrie Sweeney, Chief Executive of Maritime Belfast Trust.

“We have also launched ‘The People Who Built Titanic Belfast’, a free exhibition which gives visitors the chance to take a walk down memory lane to learn more about its creation and the lasting impact it had on Ireland. of the North, and even on the world.”

For more information on the exhibition and what’s happening at Titanic Belfast, be sure to check out the events and offers section of its website.

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