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Ship Scrapping Weekly Report 2022: 17 weeks

Weekly Ship Scrapping Report 2022: Week 17 Did you sell bunkers to a recently scrapped ship? View VesselsValue’s demolition sales from April 21 to April 27, 2022 here.

As a credit manager, the last thing you want to find out when looking up an invoice is that the ship you bunkered 4 weeks ago has just been sold for scrap. And today, the risk of that happening is greater than ever.

To help you stay up to date with the latest developments in the world’s fleet, every week thanks to the online maritime intelligence and information service VesselsValue.comwe tell you which ships were sold for demolition last week.

Demolition sales April 21 – April 27, 2022

Date of sale Name sold Type of vessel Construction date Seller
25-04-2022 Gemini Superstar GREAT CRUISE 01-11-1992 Star cruises
25-04-2022 Aquarius Superstar GREAT CRUISE 21-05-1993 Star cruises
25-04-2022 East Keoyang CAPESIZE 05-06-1997 H line shipping
25-04-2022 star fish SMALL CRUISE 26-04-1990 Star cruises
22-04-2022 Jal Doot 1 SMALL CISTERN 20-11-2008 Folk expedition
22-04-2022 Reola Ribka SMALL CISTERN 27-11-1985 Margo Indonesia Services
22-04-2022 Arctic REFRIGERATED 25-05-1983 Dilmas Co Ltd
22-04-2022 Princess Sama SMALL CISTERN 11-12-1998 Tahmeel Group