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Shocking video shows Egyptian freighter capsizing at Iskenderun port

On Sunday, an Egyptian freighter lost stability in the Turkish port of Iskenderun in eastern Turkey. According to the Turkish Ministry of Transport, the ship overturned on its side after several failed stabilization attempts.

A 99-second video of the incident has gone viral on social media, showing the port crane unloading the cargo container when it capsized. A significant number of workers were monitoring the unloading procedure when the incident occurred. And, as soon as the freighter started to tilt, those workers started fleeing. The crew, however, were notified and left the ship safely when it began to lose stability and rise slightly above the surface of the water. The ship quickly sank below the surface of the water. Fortunately, all crew members were successfully rescued and no injuries were reported.

Here is the video:

The Sea Eagle, a general cargo ship with 38 years of service history between Egypt and Turkey, was built in 1984. She anchored in Iskenderun and started unloading containers using a crane truck. The Sea Eagle, a 290-foot ship registered in Togo, set sail on September 16 from Alexandria, Egypt, with a stopover in Mersin, Turkey.

The sudden submersion of the ship horrified the crew members and those unloading the cargo. The Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure later announced that 24 containers from the Togolese-flagged vessel were damaged and a small oil leak was also reported.

Turkish port authorities are still investigating what caused the sinking of the ship. The removal of the fuel from the ship and the recovery of the container are still in progress. On September 17, the ship arrived in Iskenderun from the Turkish city of Mersin. The crew reported that so far all systems on board were functioning normally.

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