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Strange, abandoned ‘ghost ship’ found floating miles offshore with no trace of a crew

A strange abandoned “ghost ship” was discovered floating abandoned off the shore in the middle of the night.

The ship, approximately 80m in length, was discovered in the Gulf of Thailand on January 6.

There were the words Jin Shui Yuan 2 written on it in Chinese letters, but its original origin is unknown.

There was no crew, cargo or ID on board, after being found by personnel at Chevron’s offshore oil rig about one hundred nautical miles from Lake Songkhla – the largest natural lake in Thailand.

Video footage shows Thai Navy officials inspecting the interior of the ship, which is equipped with guns.

Once this was reported, the Thai Navy attempted a recovery.

The vessel has no crew, identification documents or cargo

But the ship is believed to have sunk due to strong winds and rough seas while being towed near Sichon district in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on January 9.

This caused a mile-wide oil leak, which has now been cordoned off in the hopes that fishermen will avoid the area and limit damage to the surrounding environment.

The Second Naval Area Command was dispatched to keep an eye on the area.

The Thai Navy now has control of the investigation
The Thai Navy now has control of the investigation

The ship reportedly sank during the recovery effort
The ship reportedly sank during the recovery effort

A notice was issued to the owner to recover the vessel within 15 days.

Thai Army Captain Itthipat Gavinfuengfukul said: “We tried to bring the ship ashore, but it sank before we could reach it.

“Buoys were deployed at the point where he sank.

The origins of the ship remain unclear
The origins of the ship remain unclear

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“The ship is 18 meters above the water’s surface and approximately 28 nautical miles from the coast of the Sichon district.”

He also said it was the first time Thailand had encountered an abandoned ship like this – but did not say whether or not the ship was in illegal Thai waters.

The Center for National Marine Interest Region 2 has also said it will investigate the matter further.