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Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata Begins Ship-to-Ship Operation for LPG Cargo to Bangladesh

Kolkata, 20th March Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata (SMPK – formerly Kolkata Port Trust) commences Ship-to-Ship (STS) operation for LPG cargoes bound for Bangladesh.

Apart from ushering in a new start in the Indo Bangladesh relationship, it will also open connectivity between Kolkata port and Mongla port in Bangladesh where LPG cargo is destined, a press release issued by SMPK said.

First port to undertake an STS operation

STS operator Pace Marine Solutions Pvt Ltd had approached SMPK with a proposal in October/November 2021 after the start of successful operation of the STS for LPG and other liquefied cargoes to Haldia. In addition to the SMPK, Kolkata Customs took a proactive role in authorizing such an operation within a limited time frame.

The STS operation involving floating barges and LPG was undertaken earlier in Indonesia and SMP, Kolkata is the first major port in the country to have undertaken such an operation within its boundaries, said Vinit Kumar, Chairman of SMP, Kolkata, in the press release.

The port will collect fees related to the vessels and the goods of the said operation. A start-up business port has provided its tug for towing and placement of Yokohama fenders for safe docking of vessels at sea. The tug will also act as a fire float.

The ship-to-ship transfer of bulk liquid cargoes involves the transfer of LPG, CBFS (carbon black feed stock), crude oil, LNG and other forms of liquid cargoes from a mother ship to a daughter vessel of similar size or smaller in size but with the same technical specifications. With this operation, the dead cargo of ships in a shallow draft port is significantly reduced, according to the statement.

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March 20, 2022