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The first Sondors metacycle units are expected to ship in June 2022

Resource shortages, manufacturing delays and shipping demand have plagued countless industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The electric motorcycle market is no exception, and small startups like Malibu, Sondors in California, seem to be taking the hit.

When the company unveiled the Metacycle in January 2021, EV die-hards and skeptics alike marveled at the electric motorcycle’s 80mph top speed, 80-mile range and $5,000 price tag. Then, in September 2021, the e-mobility brand announced that it was to postpone initial Metacycle deliveries to Q4 2021.

Sondors cited not only industry-wide challenges, but also record demand as the cause of the setback. Unfortunately, the holidays came and went and no Sondors customer found a metacycle under their tree.

More recently, however, the company sent an update to pre-order customers saying the first units would ship from June 2022.

“Metacycle’s first round is on its way and will arrive in Los Angeles very soon,” Sondors’ latest notification said. “Metacycle orders will begin shipping this month as scheduled. All orders will be filled based on the order our team receives the individual colorways (Naked Silver, Supermassive, and Arctic). Our logistics team will then process your order based on the order of your original purchase. First come. First served.”

While Sondors appears confident that initial orders will start rolling out in June, demand and delays with last-mile delivery services could also disrupt the launch.

“Please note that due to current volume constraints experienced by our shipping partners and white glove delivery service providers, deliveries will begin in June and continue over the following months until all orders are executed,” reads the prepared statement.

Those interested in a Metacycle can still reserve a unit on the Sondors website, but the brand has implemented several changes over the past few months. Due to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) certification, the model gained weight and lost ABS braking options. The Metacycle also received a price hike, with a new MSRP of $6,000.

Sondors faced industry-wide issues throughout Project Metacycle. Hopefully, all this hard work will finally start paying off in the second half of 2022.