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The Flash: the best ship of each season

Ships are part of fan culture and for the flash viewers, most often the creators of the show listen to its audience. Sometimes the show heads to one of the ships and all the clues are there that the characters have chemistry with each other. However, that doesn’t always work.

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The relationships built in the Arrowverse DC series are the driving force behind this heroism. It’s often about saving and protecting the people these vigilantes love, with these couples becoming catalysts for further action. Some of these love stories are inspired by comic books while others are original tales for the small screen.


Season 1: Iris West and Eddie Thawne

The Flash Eddie Thawne and Iris West

Iris West and Barry Allen were supposed to be together, but fans were thrown a curve ball when season 1 of the flash introduced Eddie Thawne as Iris’ love interest. Committed to marriage, Eddie was heroic, dedicated to his work and cared deeply for his fiancé.

Difficult not to ship the duo, even if fate would put Iris on another path. Eddie’s mighty sacrifice only endeared him more to the public and maybe he deserved to have a happy ending. He was perhaps even better suited to Iris, but ultimately the ship had to end alongside the character.

Season 2: Barry Allen and Iris West

Iris West and Barry Allen in The Flash

The ship may have started for some fans in Season 1, but it was in full force in Season 2 as Barry and Iris grew closer and closer. This would be the series that would mark their first declaration of love, as the comic book couple eventually let their paths cross.

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Of course, the couple grew stronger and stronger, eventually getting married. They may still be one of the most rushed couples in comic book history, given that fans think the duo is perfect for each other. They are a fantastic team and Central City is certainly better off for their partnership. Iris brings out the best in Barry and Flash.

Season 3: Cecile Horton and Joe West

Joe West has had a complex life and his family is of the highest priority. He is dedicated to serving his city but in all this duty he has failed to ensure that he is happy. The caring and smart introduction of Cecile Horton immediately grabbed fans.

It would take some time for these fantastic characters to work out given the stakes they face on a daily basis. Cecile has since proven to be not only a perfect companion for Joe, but also a resilient fighter in the face of adversity. Both left Team Flash better off and shine fans should be happy to have shipped such a great pair.

Season 4: Cynthia and Cisco Ramon

The Flash Cisco Gypsy Season 4 Mixed Signals Review

Cynthia and Cisco seemed like an odd match at first. Ramon has often been unlucky in love and is sometimes attracted to women who are mysterious or meddling with the criminal. Fans often shipped Vibe with her friend Caitlin, but that never materialized. Something seemed different about Gypsy and the fans saw it. She wasn’t looking for love, especially since her job made it so difficult.

Somehow the pair kept it going for quite a while, though it wasn’t meant to last, despite the torque constantly shipping. Cisco’s relationship with Gypsy’s father, Breacher, even got better over time, but his sudden death would end everything fans had hoped for. Their personalities and powers hit it off, but their schedule on alternate Earths might never have worked out anyway.

Season 5: Cisco Ramon and Kamilla Hwang

Cisco would be another ship for fans though, given he had to get over his broken heart. Enter Kamilla, a talented photographer whom Cisco would fully trust; not just with his heart but with all the secrets of Team Flash. Fans may have been hesitant at first, but quickly warmed to her.

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In a world where secrets often separate couples and where the life of a superhero causes unnecessary drama, Kamilla has taken it to heart and proved to be a worthy ally. She helped Iris West-Allen’s dream come true with her help on her media and changed Vibe’s life for the better, supporting him every step of the way. In turn, Cisco was equally determined to put down roots with Kamilla, leaving everything behind to make it work.

Season 6: Ralph Dibny and Caitlin Frost

The Flash Season 5 Caitlin, Ralph, Cisco

Hartley Sawyer’s controversial exit from the show derailed any plans for the character, although the reclining man was set on a course that would see the vigilante in a relationship with Sue Dearbon. It’s not the ship fans were trying to get behind.

Despite some unpopular opinions of Cailtin and though the public favored Killer Frost, it was the Team Flash member’s alter ego that fans ultimately found a good fit for Ralph Dibny. The two shared a close bond and while it always seemed like a friendship, there was perhaps potential for more to come out of it. Caitlin was unlucky when it came to relationships and this might have been the partnership that suited her best.

Season 7: Chester P. Runk and Allegra Garcia

Allegra and Chester together in The Flash

Chester P. Runk was slowly introduced to the series as a new tech genius. He is incredibly intelligent but quite clumsy in social interactions. Allegra Garcia in comparison is extremely powerful and always fights to tell the truth, in her journalism and in the world of superheroes.

They’ve taken very different paths, but fans noticed a small spark between them in Season 7, shipping the pair off in hopes they could find peace with each other. It seems like a full romance is unfolding, but there are audience members who have been clamoring for such a narrative from day one.

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