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The KD Lekir, the first Malaysian ship to fire a missile outside territorial waters

KUALA LUMPUR: KD Lekir is the first Royal Malaysian Navy vessel to fire a missile and hit a target outside Malaysian waters, Admiral Tan Sri Mohd Reza Mohd Sany has said.

The Navy chief said KD Lekir fired the Exocet MM40 missile during the ongoing Rim of the Pacific (Rimpac) exercise off Hawaii.

The launch was observed by Admiral Mohd Reza and Deputy Chief of the Western Armada, First Admiral Farizal Myeor, at the K. Mark Takai Pacific Warfighting Center at Ford Island, Hawaii, and the target was the missile frigate Decommissioned guided USS Rodney M. Davis.

“Rimpac is the best platform to increase interoperability between those who participate. The involvement is an experience that will elevate the professionalism of the KD Lekir crew,” Admiral Mohd Reza said in a statement on Saturday 15 July.

He added that this is the second time the Navy has participated, with KD Lekiu taking part in 2018.

“The largest international maritime exercise is an opportunity for a joint exercise involving various countries while enhancing cooperation among participants,” he said.

According to the Navy, KD Lekir previously fired the same missile during Exercise Taming Sari in the Strait of Melaka on May 22 in preparation for Rimpac.

Rimpac participants took part in exercises at sea for 22 days beginning July 11 after two weeks in port.

The sea exercises involved 38 ships, four submarines and more than 170 aircraft from 26 countries.