Ship part

The parts of this spherical lamp are shipped flat, thanks to the math

[Nervous System] sells a variety of unique products, and we really appreciate the effort they put into sharing bits of their design and manufacturing processes. This time it’s luxury lampshade design work details which caught our attention.

Top: Finished lamp. Bottom: Partially assembled.

The finished shade is spherical, but is made entirely from flat-packed, laser-cut pieces of wood that have been specially shaped to minimize distortion when assembled into a curved shape. The coins themselves are reminiscent puzzle cells; complex, interlocking cell forms found in many plants.

As per usual, [Nervous System] applied a fair amount of math and computer design to arrive at a solution. Each unique lamp panel is the result of a process that implements in part a technique called variation surface cutting for the shape of the parts. They also provide some nifty animations that demonstrate the generation of both part boundaries as well as hole patterns in each of the 18 unique parts that make up each lamp.

As for making the parts themselves, they are laser cut from wood veneer and assembly by the end user takes an hour or two. Watch an introductory video, embedded just below the page break.

We are happy [Nervous System] takes the time to share details like this, just like when they found the best type of wood to laser cut their unique puzzles and didn’t keep it to themselves.