Ship sail

The Ritz-Carlton cruise ship is delayed again

The Ritz-Carlton yacht collection is facing another delay due to a “prolonged strike by steelworkers in the Cantabria region of Spain,” according to a company statement.

The company said the highly disruptive protests had impacted the finishing process, forcing it to postpone its maiden voyage.

The Evrima will now depart on August 31, 2022 from Athens, Greece, as opposed to the previously announced August 6 date. The good news, however, is that the ship recently completed a series of sea trials earlier this year.

The company said finishes on the Evrima are being completed at the Asstander shipyard in Santander, Spain.

“The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, its contractors and the Asstander shipyard are not involved in the steelworkers’ disagreement,” a statement read. “However, violent protesters repeatedly gathered at the gates of the shipyard, making it difficult for workers and contractors to safely access the facilities. We have since been able to resume completion work on Evrima.”

“Having made significant progress on Evrima and recently conducted a series of successful sea trials, it is heartbreaking to have had to deal with disruptions beyond our control, however, the safety and well-being of those who working on the ship are our top priority,” said Douglas Prothero, CEO of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.