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#ThisWeekOnITP: Cruise Ship Heads To Scrapyard For Maiden Voyage, “Top Gun: Maverick”, & More!

(Photo: GREGOR FISCHER/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s that time of the week again for #ThisWeekOnITP where we recap the top five stories here on iTech Post for the past week.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: space-related stories have always been our readers’ favorites and this recap is further clear proof of that. Why? This top five list contains three space-related stories.

Ready to find out what they are? Let’s start!

Our first space-related story in this recap comes at number five.

Despite the distance between the Earth and the Sun, some things that happen in the latter actually have an effect on our planet. One of them is sunspots, which can actually affect the various electronic devices you own. This is because sunspots are actually regions of strong magnetic fields on the surface of the Sun.

The story that landed in fifth place focuses on a particular sunspot known as AR3038, which faces our planet, and how best to protect your devices from solar flares.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), to say the least, has very big plans for the coming years. Many of these plans involve the Moon.

Not only is NASA planning for humanity to return to the surface of the moon, but the space agency also plans to bring nuclear power to the moon. In fact, NASA has already chosen the companies that will turn this plan into reality.

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When it comes to movies that look larger than life, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether the scenes were shot live or are the product of computer-generated imagery or CGI. This is the case of “Top Gun: Maverick”.

Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller and more, the film features action-packed scenes where the characters, who are Top Gun pilots, fly their planes. So, did the actors really film these scenes in real military planes?

You will have to read our article to find out.

The final and tallest space-related story in this recap concerns a giant comet that will come closest to our planet.

This comet, known as C/2017 K2, will make its closest approach specifically on July 14 and our story will tell you how you can catch it and see it yourself.

Coming in at number one is a story that brings bad news for those who enjoy cruising.

Global Dream II, a cruise ship that can accommodate up to 9,000 passengers, is about to make its maiden voyage. However, it will not be heading to any of the world’s tourist destinations. Instead, it will be heading for a junkyard as its builders have already filed for bankruptcy.

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