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Thousands Attend RIMPAC Open Day

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Thousands of military families have spent the day touring warships that are in Pearl Harbor for Exercise Rim of the Pacific. For many, the event offers an interactive experience just as important as the war exercises.

The Chilean Navy frigate Almirante Lynch was one of approximately 17 ships that welcomed visitors to the RIMPAC Open Day. Tours give the local military community the opportunity to meet sailors from around the world and learn more about their navies.

The highlight for many Hawaiians was the USS Abraham Lincoln, which was featured in the new movie Top Gun.

“It’s an aircraft carrier you know, they’re considered unsinkable. It’s an amazing machine, you know, protecting our freedoms here. And it’s never been lit once I want to check it out,” said Eddie Mazzak of Ewa Beach.

Visitors got to jump into a helicopter, see fighter jets and weapons up close – and learn about life aboard a floating city.

The US Navy also showcased its stealth missile destroyer, USS Michael Monsoor. It is one of the most technologically advanced ships in the world.

The French frigate Prairial is the largest ship in French Polynesia based in Tahiti.

French navy officials say it is used to protect its territories in the Pacific from criminal activities like illegal fishing and drug trafficking.

“It’s not the huge frigate like we may have more of in France based in France, because our mission is more like coastguards than actually waging war. So it’s still our means but we’re really happy to show how, how it works and it’s great to see so many people here,” said French naval cadet Romain.

Sailors from 26 countries were also able to meet on a more personal level and visit each other’s ships – an important part of RIMPAC’s mission to promote collaboration and partnership.

RIMPAC runs until August 4.

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