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Tsai praises new ship model testing center

  • By Hung Chen-hong and Jonathan Chin / Journalist, with an editor

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) yesterday announced the establishment of a national ship design testing center in Kaohsiung, saying the move “shows Taiwan’s will to defend its country before the world.”

The indigenous shipbuilding program — one of the Tsai administration’s flagship defense initiatives — was designed to bolster the country’s military strength and shipbuilding industry, she told a briefing. event marking the founding of the center at Kaohsiung Software Technology Park.

Taiwan’s five-decade-old shipbuilding industry is renowned worldwide for the quality of its vessels, which now range from motorboats to large cargo ships and warships, she said after having noted the importance of Kaohsiung for the sector.

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Industry capabilities are growing rapidly and the results can be seen in the speed at which locally produced military vessels are put to sea, including coastguard patrol boats and navy vessels, she said. declared.

Recognizing that ship model testing is a key link in the shipbuilding chain, the Executive Yuan last year authorized the establishment of the testing center under the National Marine Research Academy, a- she added.

“I am confident that the center – which is being planned and organized right now – will overcome all obstacles to its success,” Tsai said.

The center is set to become the national agency responsible for overseeing the certification of surface combatants and submarines built in the country, which would reduce the cost of building and maintaining the vessels, she said. declared.

The center’s headquarters is being built on coastguard-owned property in Kaohsiung and is expected to be completed in 2025, the academy said.

The center’s missions are to test the performance of ships and submarines, while creating a knowledge base for testing model ships, he said.

The center will be staffed by researchers in cooperation with National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University and National Taiwan Ocean University, while underwater technology will be provided by National Chungshan University, he added.

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