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Ukrainian Defense Ministry says Russian Black Sea Fleet landing ship destroyed in drone attack

In a key development regarding the ongoing war in Eastern Europe, Ukraine claimed on Saturday that it destroyed another Russian ship weeks after the sinking of the warship Moskva in the Black Sea. Speaking to the official Twitter handle, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claimed to have destroyed the “Project Serna” landing ship using Bayraktar TB2. The announcement by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry comes as the war between Russia and Ukraine has lasted 70 days unabated.

In the tweet, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry shared a video showing the ship near Snake Island being hit by a Bayraktar drone in the Black Sea. The Ministry of Defense further launched a sarcastic attack on the invading forces by stating that Russian forces will henceforth perform the traditional parade of its Black Sea Fleet on May 9 “at the bottom of the sea”. Earlier in April, Ukrainian officials claimed their forces hit the Russian warship Moskva with missiles. However, the Kremlin had countered that a fire had been reported on board the Moskva and that it had not been attacked, according to PA. However, a few days later, the Russian authorities had informed that the Moskva had in fact sunk after being heavily damaged, Associated Press reported.

Russia has lost more than 25,000 soldiers in its military offensive: Ukraine

It is relevant to mention here that Russia on February 24 launched a “special” operation in Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree recognizing the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Since then, death and destruction have been reported in Ukraine due to ongoing hostilities between the two warring nations. In the latest May 8 update, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry claimed that around 25,100 Russian soldiers had lost their lives since February 24. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the Russian Armed Forces lost 2,713 armored fighting machines, 509 artillery systems, 172 MLRS, 1122 tanks, 155 helicopters, 199 aircraft and 84 anti-aircraft warfare systems. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry claimed that Russian troops lost 1,934 vehicles and fuel tanks, 341 unmanned aerial vehicles, 11 vessels including ships and boats, 38 special equipment and 90 cruise missiles.

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