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Visiting a cruise ship in Weymouth Dorset UK

Cruise ship passengers heading to Portland and then Weymouth will be delighted.

The fishing port and seaside resort of Weymouth has a pretty harbor and a sandy beach lined with palm trees.

Palm trees and King George III on a cruise ship visit to Weymouth in the UK.

Featuring one of the finest sands in the world according to American coastal scientist, “Dr Beach”!

It is a very safe beach that slopes gently into the sea making it perfect for families and several water sports as well as fun on the sand itself.

The Black Death came to Weymouth in the 14th century

Historically, the town of Weymouth was where the “Black Death” came to England in the 14th century. There is a small plaque on the north side.

The sign of the Black Death in Weymouth. Isn’t that the best advertisement for a vacation spot?

Bombarded by cannon fire during the English Civil War. There’s a wall in town that still has an impaled cannonball! It’s above what is now a public restroom.

During WWII it was a key embarkation point for several thousand American Rangers still remembered today with a memorial on the plaza dedicated to the D-Day action which began June 6 1944.

Mayor at the American Memorial on the Esplanade to the American Rangers and Operation Tiger.

Today the town is a key fishing port with dozens of colorful boats coming and going to the fishing grounds of the English Channel. Also known for its wonderful crabs and lobsters.

Stephanie Taylor enjoying champagne and lobster on Weymouth Harbour.

More like food courts rather than food miles

In terms of tourism, it is very popular throughout the spring, summer and fall, attracting families and couples who appreciate the crisp seafood. Here, the food miles or rather the food sites seem to apply!

“Pool to plate” is almost the mantra spoken in the restaurants found around the harbor and in the town itself.

Food tasting on Weymouth Harbour.

With quaint shops and fish and chips outlets dotted around town, “day visitors” always have the chance to sample local seafood. Or try an English pub, there’s no shortage of them.

Take crab from Weyfish.

During your stay, you can enjoy a sea trip and discover the port from the water.

Places like Nothe Fort are worth visiting from land or sea. A Victorian fort has won several awards for its work in the tourism sector.

A great day out on a cruise ship visit to Weymouth

The Regency waterfront arches around the bay and classical architecture can best be appreciated from a boat.

One of the routes is the ferry from Weymouth to Portland on ‘My Girl’ which departs from outside the Old Rooms pub.

Or with Portland Harbor Tours that depart from the ferry steps on the north side of the harbour. They will take you around this port, the largest “man-made” port in the world and back in about an hour.

Boat through the harbour.

Or save your legs and let yourself be rowed across the harbour!

Faster ways to access the sea can be sampled on jet skis or a coast. Also a ride on a classic wooden speedboat which departs from the south side of the harbor near the Kings Arms pub.

The city is generally mostly flat and level. Therefore, it is ideal for strolling and exploring on foot, in a wheelchair or on an assist scooter.

Cozy harbor at Weymouth.

Each side of the colorful harbor is lined with dozens of cafes, cafes or pubs.

Plenty of places to sit and watch the coming and going of yachts, speedboats or fishing boats. Crab fishing can be fun as a harbor activity for youngsters.

Unique lift bridge stops traffic

Unique to the city is the lift bridge that allows larger boats or tall-masted sailboats to access the inner harbor or backwater.

This is seen at even times of the day at 8, 10, 12, 2, 4 and 6 o’clock.

With traffic blocked by lights and barriers, the bridge slowly rises to allow shipping to move in or out of the inner harbour.

The City Bridge a lift bridge that stops traffic every two hours.

The City Bridge a lift bridge that stops traffic every two hours.

Normally an operation of about 10 minutes. Although sometimes at peak times in the summer it can take up to 20 minutes!

With a criss-cross pattern of mostly narrow streets making up most of the town centre. This makes it easy to explore, most of the time during a visit of a few hours.

Sun-loving palms are normally happy in Spain or North Africa.

The palm-lined esplanade is quite unexpected for many visitors. In addition, the many cafes and catering outlets are plentiful to stop for a coffee, a cold drink or a tea of ​​course!

An Italian ice cream parlor called Rossi’s can be found near the Victorian Jubilee Clock, halfway along the city’s waterfront.

Passing the statue of George III where there is a reconstruction of a Georgian washing machine. Because it was here that King George began to take a liking to sea bathing in the 18th century. The Hotel Royal was named because of this close link for many years.

Royalty in town again.

More recently, Weymouth, associated with Portland, hosted the sailing events of the London 2012 Olympic Games. This generated a visit from Queen SM who toured the beach and town.

Follow the famous on a cruise ship Visit the Weymouth

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Weymouth Bay has also welcomed up to ten cruise ships at a time. They were all anchored all around the bay.

Now, thankfully, cruise ship visitors can disembark and enjoy a visit to this Regency town. In the past, it hosted personalities such as Winston Churchill, General De Gaulle and Victor Hugo.

View over Portland Port Dorset.

Welcoming visitors continues. With 65 cruise ship visits scheduled for 2022. Looks like there could be even more for 2023?

Speaking to a couple visiting from Canada, they were impressed with the free bus transfer from Portland Harbor at Weymouth.

They had nothing but good things to say about their last stopover on a UK cruise with Princess Cruise Line.