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Wärtsilä launches Smart Realities – Digital Ship

Wärtsilä Voyage has launched Smart Realities, a scalable and fully immersive extended reality (XR) training and assessment solution for ship handling, bridge and marine engineering applications.

The solution will allow sailors to develop their skills and encounter highly realistic realistic scenarios in a risk-free virtual environment.

As the shipping industry constantly evolves to embrace the latest smart and green technologies, there is also a need to improve training and learning environments for seafarers to prepare them to adequately handle new systems and processes.

Smart Realities apps help improve student learning and engagement by combining today’s technology with 25 years of experience in high-fidelity hydrodynamic, mathematical, and physical modeling. The solution aims to provide the level of realism that is essential for knowledge growth and retention in complex maneuvers and operations.

“There is no doubt that virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications will soon become an indispensable part of future volume training, both as co-located and distributed learning. Smart Realities solutions are an essential extension of the Wärtsilä simulation platform, using existing validated exercises, ship models and visual areas, and having all the available educational tools that simulation operators expect and need. need to achieve their learning goals,” said Johan Ekvall, Product, Simulation and Training Manager at Wärtsilä Voyage. “By providing multi-player capability, instructors can enter the virtual environment with learners, or collaborative scenarios can be done from remote locations, providing an incredible opportunity to enable significantly better learning with technology. “

“I believe Smart Realities add value to the training programs that are already in place here at Maritime Skills Academy. The emphasis is on situational awareness and decision making. The solution creates real-world immersive environments to simulate operations performed aboard any ship, and the realistic scenarios improve learning retention, job performance, and team collaboration. We are very pleased with the unique learning outcomes and approaches that Smart Realities has given us,” said Capt. Josip Kulas, Director of Training and Simulation, The Maritime Skills Academy.

Smart Realities is a versatile solution that can be applied in almost any technology in navigation, engineering, and other training areas. Smart Realities can be added as an extension of an existing simulator to complete it with a bridge wing scenario and other layouts or be configured as a standalone or portable solution.