Ship boat

Water in Lake Mead falls low enough to reveal a sunken WWII ship

In the latest update to Lake Mead, an American reservoir whose water levels are rapidly dropping due to climate change, the park service has discovered an old ship from World War II that was once very difficult to reach.

According to the National Parks Service, the ship is a sunken Higgins boat that at one point was nearly 200 feet underwater. Rangers had visited the ship on a dive mission in 2006, removing the engine and modifying the ship’s body to be more open to divers, but it is now visible to any non-diver checking the tank.

The lake’s recreation center reports that its water levels have dropped 160 feet in recent decades due to the “unprecedented” rise in temperatures. Several states depend on this reservoir for their drinking water supply, and due to its current state, the lake is only functioning at 35% of its possible capacity.

Other shocking things to appear in Lake Mead include several dead bodies and other old boats from different eras in history.

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