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What does my cruise room look like on the Holland America Line ship to Alaska

To make sure I could watch the whales 24 hours a day, I booked a cabin with a veranda and a private balcony.

I loved seeing all the sea life from the private balcony of my lanai cabin.

Rebecca Reuter

Going on an Alaska cruise was on my husband’s wish list. So we took part in a seven-night expedition aboard the Holland America Line. Westerdam ship.

I am an avid whale watcher so I chose a 200 square foot lanai cabin with a 54 square foot private balcony which was the perfect spot for early morning and evening whale watching.

The hallway leading to the main area of ​​our cabin was very narrow.

Rebecca Reuter Veranda Cabin Entrance

The entrance to our cabin was very narrow.

Rebecca Reuter

Opening the cabin door, we slipped into a narrow hallway. At first glance we thought the room might be too small for a seven day cruise.

Our cabin had three closets which gave us plenty of space to store our things.

veranda cabin wardrobe

Our cabin had three separate closets.

Rebecca Reuter

The narrow hallway at the front of the room had three closets. We used one for my stuff and one for my husband’s items.

The third closet held life jackets, blankets to keep us warm on the veranda, a safe for our valuables, and a few empty drawers to store our clothes.

Once we packed up our things and put our empty suitcases under the queen size bed, the room didn’t feel so small.

We found room for our larger items on the desk and loveseat.

Veranda cabin on the Westerdam ship

The lanai cabin had a queen bed, loveseat and desk.

Rebecca Reuter

My favorite cruise motto is “You only have to unpack once” which is a nice change from having to pack and unpack at every destination I visit on a land trip. .

We found easy-access slots for our everyday items — like backpacks, water bottles, and jackets — on the desk and loveseat.

The bathroom was spacious and had high ceilings.

shower in Westerdam veranda cabin

The ceilings were high in our bedroom bathroom.

Rebecca Reuter

The cabin bathroom was a good size and the shower was high enough for my 6ft2 husband to fit inside.

The ship staff changed the towels whenever we needed them and cleaned the bathroom at least once a day.

If we opted for the free evening turndown service, they cleaned the bathroom again.

When we wanted to get out of our room, we wandered around the ship’s promenade deck and enjoyed the onboard amenities.

Westerdam Seaside Promenade, Water View Seating

Passengers can sit or stroll on the ship’s promenade.

Rebecca Reuter

For those worried that the rooms might be too small for them, remember that the Westerdam is a huge ship with plenty of amenities — like pools, theaters, cafes, and lounges.

The promenade deck was also a lovely place to take laps around the ship or sit with a blanket and watch the whales.

The wonderful service added to the overall experience and made our stay luxurious.

pet towel on bed in lanai cabin

As part of the turndown service, the housekeepers left small towel creations on our bed.

Rebecca Reuter

After spending the evening dining, dancing or star gazing, it was nice to come back to our room after requesting turn down service.

Coming back to a tidy room added a bit of luxury to our cruise, and the towel creation left by one of the talented housekeeping staff was a special touch.