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What was the unfortunate sister ship of the Peter Pomegranate? The Saturday Quiz | life and style


1 Which Stamps, Arkansas writer appeared on a US stamp in 2015?
2 Mec Vannin is campaigning for the independence of which island?
3 What was the unfortunate sister ship of the Peter Pomegranate?
4 Alfredo Stroessner ruled which country for nearly 35 years?
5 What are the two sports present in the Nordic combined?
6 What ends with “grateful feelings after the storm”?
seven What is the pH value of pure water?
8 Which character was born in York with the surname Kreutznaer?
What links:
Beas; Chenab; Jhelum; delighted; Sutlej?
ten paw the ground; passage; pirouette; half pass?
11 Weak; strong; gravitational ; electromagnetic?
12 Songkran; Tet Nguyen Dan; Nowruz; Rosh Hashanah?
13 the capital of New Zealand; the capital of Victoria; Pennsylvania’s second city?
14 Elvis Presley; Tony Bennett; Jimi Hendrix; Ice-T; Shaggy; James Blunt?
15 Betty Draper; Cira Manzon; Layla El-Faouly/Scarlet Beetle; Cotton stitch?

Elvis Presley in 1956. Photo: Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

The answers

1 Maya Angelou.
2 Isle of man.
3 Mary Rose.
4 Paraguay.
5 Cross-country skiing and ski jumping.
6 Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral) by Beethoven.
seven seven.
8 Robinson Crusoe.
9 Five rivers that give the Punjab its name (tributaries of the Indus).
ten Movements in dressage.
11 Four fundamental forces.
12 New Year celebrations: Thai; Vietnamese; Iranian; Jewish.
13 Cities named after British prime ministers: Wellington; Melbourne; Pitt the Elder.
14 Musicians who served in the military.
15 Played by artists with months for first names: January Jones (Mad Men); April Hernandez (Dexter); May Calamawy (Knight of the Moon); June Brown (EastEnders).