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ZIM signs $1 billion LNG bunkering deal with Shell

ZIM announced today that it has signed a ten years The LNG bunker agreement with Shell NA LNG, LLC (Shell) is worth more than $1 billion.

The LNG will be used to fuel Ten LNG fueled 15,000 TEUs ships that will be deployed on the flagship ZIM Container Service Pacific (ZCP), on the Asia at USEC Trade.

The vessels are expected to enter service in 2023-2024 and will carry cargo from China and South Korea at United States East Coast and the CaribbeanZIM said in a press release issued today.

“Our growing LNG-fueled fleet will allow ZIM to be more carbon and cost efficient, while improving our competitive position, particularly on the strategic trade between Asia and USEC, and allowing customers reduce their carbon footprint,” said Eli GlickmanPresident and CEO of ZIM.

ZIM joins a number of its peers in moving from conventional oil to LNG bunkers, with environmental considerations key to the move.

“For ZIM, on the basis that LNG emits approximately 20% less GHG emissions compared to conventional marine fuels, the use of LNG on these ten vessels is equivalent to having two of the ten vessels in the fleet zero emissions” , said ZIM.

ZIM is the world 10th largest carrier by TEU with a 2% share of global capacity, according to industry specialists Alphaliner.